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Product Details

Brand: Ninja

Colour: Stone

Dimensions: 13.07"D x 5.31"W x 13.31"H

Feature: Dishwasher-safe parts

Filter Type: Reusable

About this item

  • 【One-hand operation and locking handle design】: easy to operate, hidden handle design, beautiful and exquisite, only one hand instead of two hands to press the handle to lock the lid easily. Provide a user-friendly experience for all users. Especially more friendly to the elderly

  • 【Continuous use】:SEATAO vacuum sealer can be used more than 200 times continuously without overheating.

  • 【Built-in storage and bag cutter】: Easy to store rolls and bags, bag cutter to create custom bag sizes easily. Reduce the waste of sealing rolls and make full use of vacuum sealing rolls.

  • 【Note】:VH5156 vacuum sealer can not be used to vacuum soup food, for meat, seafood, semi-moist ingredients use the "pulse" function to vacuum food better. It does not apply to all vacuum bags, can vacuum seal the vacuum bag, double-sided embossed bags, single-sided embossed bags, folding bags.

  • 【After-sales service】: Compared with other 1-3 years warranty, SEATAO's warranty is 5 years, the machine problems within 2 year, according to the situation to return or exchange. 24 hours prompt customer service, any problem can be well resolved within 4 hours.

--Seal Freshness-Save Money & Space

--Cooking and Meal Become Easier

--Automatic vacuum and strong suction

--Fully Kits and Professional Service

--Continuously Vacuum & Sealing up to 200 cycles without overheating

Customers say

Customers like the performance, ease of use, and size of the vacuum sealer machine. They mention that it does a terrific job, the controls are self-explanatory, and it's compact. They also like the value. However, some customers have reported issues with air removal. They say that the machine does not remove the air completely and that some bags look sealed but allow air to move around. Customers also have different opinions on seal, suction, and quality.

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